MORE GLITCHES!(RARES)- MovieStarPlanet Rare Glitches! 2018

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hey ya’ll! sorry this video took a little too long for me to upload and im actually sick right now aha! hope ya’ll enjoy the video, add me on discord if you have any questions (:

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Open for Cookies ^3^

First of all thank you so much for 100 subscribers like omg I’m always so shook seeing 1-3 new subbies every day when I wake up and I appreciate every single of you. Ps if you aren’t subscribed already, you should, you know help a girl out. LOL.
Anyways, I know I’m so late on this video topic but I’ve been collecting footage of me doing the level glitch on noob accounts for free dpack rares for the past month.

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Oh yeah, I ate all the cookies cx
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♥♥ I know I know a lot of Stranger Things ♥♥
How to unpatch charles:
Go to 0:31
=Please no hate in the comments as this is working 100%=

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Yes! You can actually get VIP by doing this! MovieStarPlanet gave it to me on my other account, they asked for a receipt, so I showed you how to fake one and it worked 😀
The glitches may be patched soon, so hurry!


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this isn’t a fucking hack/cheat it’s for real. also, if you do this everyday and save up, you’ll get thousands of star coins. and why do i feel like this video was stupid…
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Der link : fals es euch zulange gedauauert hat aber trodtzdem anschauen ein teil is sehr wichtig !
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