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wie ihr Charles

Die Idee dazu ist von LewisMSP
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hope you guys enjoyed the video ((:

as you can tell in this video, i decided to actually show off the fame hack me n darkkexploit put together along with some help from our friends Loch and Fabian.

If it weren’t for those guys this hack probably wouldn’t of become possible so thanks to them.

as said in the beginning of the video, this account is now locked so dont be trying to add it as i cant get into it anymore lmao. Also, again this tool is NOT FOR SALE!!!! you cannot buy the tool itself because as said once again in the video, it can and will definitely be abused.

My HD#6722

For people who are also wondering how this works, i will not tell you lol. i dont need kids running back to msp because they cant have this for their own trying to tell them how to patch it.

lastly when it comes to buying levels, we only take paypal payments, not psc (paysafecard).

once again hope you guys enjoyed the video, like and sub if you havent already (trying to hit 2k) comment if you want and also share the video with others.

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Hey guys, hope you enjoyed that video as usual.
Please read

Finally I’ve uploaded a video!1! In this video, Pixi Star goes on a little adventure where she tries to find people to join her team on msp, so she can enter the million starcoin competition! All of the responses people made in chatrooms were them responding to me asking if they would join Pixi Star’s team, if she made one! They were all real, and I thought they were pretty funny! Will Pixi Star win the competition?

Thanks for watching! 😀

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Just my backup channel (;



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Jemmass HoIeia 15
(This one in all lower case ‘jemmass hoieia’. The ‘I’ in ‘HoIeia’ is actually just a capital ‘I’)

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Jamus Hoie 6
Eggwiena’s 7

American (

Jemmass HoIe
The ‘I’ in ‘HoIe’ is actually a capital ‘i’ so in all lowercase it’ ‘jemmass hoie’. If you’re confused just copy and paste it (;



‘Jamus Hole’

If you want me to go on other servers leave some suggestions in the comments on what server! Thank you for watching this video, and be sure to check out some other ones11!1!! Goodbye!

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Hey guys, hope you enjoyed that video as usual.
This needs NO download OR Survey and is a starcoins, fame AND diamonds hack on the piggy bank. NOT PATCHED!
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Thanks for watching!!!!!!1!1!

I hope to be uploading soon xD Been a bit of a flop tho heh




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My other accounts on different countries can be found in ‘msp around the world’ eps. If you anyone claims to be me, for whatever reason (xD) they are not, and I’m locked forever so I can’t message you atm anyway unless at a library or something.

My msp around the world series

If you feel like msp might be keeping some spooky ass secrets from us, I’ve made a conspiracy theory series, revealing msp’s deepest DARKEST secrets!:

I also make Moviestarplanet series!
I’m new at it so don’t judge lmao.

This first one is about a little girl who had the perfect family. It all starts to fall apart though, as her family have a lot of secrets catching up with them. Will these secrets put Hannah (the girl) or her families lives at risk?! Find out

If you’d prefer a more ‘chill’ series then this next one is right up your ally. A ‘relatable’ high school (or secondary school) drama based around a girl called Jenny and a ‘once in a life time opportunity’ that has came up for her. Will this opportunity be the best thing that happens to her, or destroy her friendship with her best friend Lulu?! Find out

Ookay! If you’d prefer something that doesn’t take commitment to watch, maybe you’d prefer msp music videos. I have made quite a few of those in the past! Check them out

If you wanna check out over stuff, my channel is pretty mixed on msp so if you like msp I’m sure you’ll enjoy something. Unless you dislike/hate me and my content then um… I don’t know why you read to the bottom of the description honestly xD Okay bye bbyyyy :


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MSP Fame Glitch Miss Goldie Shoes *Shook*

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WHOOP, I’m pretty sure those are goldie shoes ;))) I was happy LOL. But I hope you enjoyed this video, it was an hour long almost like fucking hell. Then I had to edit it… But enjoy!

hey babes! today I’ll be showing y’all how to level up and get diamond packs without the need of a snot top! The dress is called Fame Lady for anyone wondering 🙂

*arrows pointing left*Topsy*arrows pointing right*

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The Secret MSP Fame Hack They Don’t Want You To Know…

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Watch to find out the SECRET MSP fame hack they don’t want you to know! :X

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