MSP Starcoin & Fame Glitch

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Hello! In this video I show you a glitch that happened to me randomly when I was completing a mission. Sorry for not adding music or speeding it up. 😀

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hope you guys enjoyed the video (:

So as you can see in this video, an ACTUAL WORKING starcoins exploit created by me and friends. This exploit has been made for a bit now but i was told to not make a video on it for various reasons. One of the reasons was because my friends did not want people knowing how it is all done which is how i came up with a secure way to hide the fact of how it is done anyway so that people couldnt figure it out and so on.

Once again i am also not going to give full credits to the people who helped make this hack possible as i am currently not sure if they want to be mentioned or not. Keep in mind though that IF they decide that they do in fact want to be mentioned to keep watch of pinned comment that i will make and also an update in description or even possibly the title itself for the full credits.

Also again the tool itself for this is not for sale, but if you would indeed like to purchase starcoins to contact me and or darkkexploit to get some. The starcoins do take some time but not a lot at all to generate on a users account.

Also if you were to purchase starcoins from me or darkkexploit, we WILL NOT need ur account password to do it, AGAIN it DOES NOT require a password, only a username and other things we will lett you know if you decide to get starcoins from us. BUT NOTHING PERSONAL ETC!!!…

Once again hope you guys enjoyed, share this video with others, leave a like, comment anything, and possibly subscribe!?..

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If this doesn’t work for you, then please tell me in the comments! Thank Youuuuuuu!!!

Watch to find out the SECRET MSP fame hack they don’t want you to know! :X

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