How to get unlimited starcoins on msp *cheat engine*

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Link for cheat Set the speed to 2x for the video to be shorter.

okay I think it’s just a feature and not an actual glitch but ya know you should try it before it gets “patched”

– log onto MSP on any account you want the starcoins to go to
– go onto artbooks
– like the artbooks the amount of starcoins you want
ex. 10 artbooks = 10 starcoins
– on the last artbook you like, comment on it.
– refresh if you don’t get the starcoins
okay yeah this was just a quick tutorial and it’s not very time consuming and less laggier than the pet option BUT the pet trick gets you more but its k
Movie Maker

Bedroom Floor – Liam Payne

siowtown (uppercase i)

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How To Get Infinite FAME l MSP l 2018 NOT PATCHED With Cheat Engine

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For this to be able to work you need :

Google Chrome :

Cheat Engine :

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How to glitch rares on msp with cheat engine

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Open me for links duhhh

Hair 11786
Faux 18629
Double the 19164
Pearly 19237
Best of 18599
Striped 9413
Relaxed n 6059
Cute crop 10208
Party 5887
Party 7531
Sugar 18407
Sleek 11756
Sweet love (bow): 18430
Frozen 15317
Winter 7419
Happy new year!: 15591
Magic 7402
All the 18639
In a 9459
Steady 12394
What year is it?: 18652
Wonderland 16386
Pink 16433
Party 18669
Shine Like 18651
Diamondzzzz!!!: 18648
Glitter 18618
Best 18616
Spring 16305
Cute easter rare 12401

Flower 10130
Let the Good Time 18310
Wicked 16387
Wet 8595
New years 18637
wonder 6801
Messy 10217
Salty 6231
is this a dress or hair?: 9540
Center 12654
Crop with 10209
shiny 11776
witch 9143
witch 9118

If the item

1 ”summer must haves” shorts from Free Spirit Theme (19462)

2 Freckles in top tab (19045)

3 ”Cute treasure” from Thrift Treasures theme 19414

4 or more ”woodlands girl” from woodlands theme (18732)?
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rare skin

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