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In this video, I’ll show how to get an f top in MSP and other people actually see it!

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>> Online MSP Generator <<

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>> Online MSP Generator <<

Lagging out. :

Rare Animations

Home 1715
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Stop It’s The 500
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Electric 1713
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Black 1117
Dangerous 1346
Blow 111
LOL!!: 1034
Insane 845

Not Rare (Use These To Glitch With):

Boombox 3409
Do the 3412
Some Dance 3411
Water 3410
Casual 3407
Fancy Break 672

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Things to know about
MovieStarPlanet is a free social interactive dream site created for kids aged between 8 and 15 years old. Kids get to select from various film celebrity characters, so dress them choose their hairstyles, create films, play games and chat.

The purpose of this video game is to make fame and luck by societal interacting, making films and seeing other people’s films. In doing this that you are able to make Fame Points and Star Coins that may be used to purchase more outfits, backdrops for the own movies, animations, house decoration, etc.. Players may also exchange presents, collect autographs and exchange things.

The further competitions you input, games you play, friends you’ve got and interactions you create, the greater rewards you’re awarded and as you advance you can go higher up the amounts which lets you get more character cartoons and other developments.



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>> Online MSP Generator <<

Credit to Diniou, a French msp YouTuber for the last part (the part where you want to glitch SC again)

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Ich zeige euch 3 Wie ihr viele Sc bekommt Wie ihr Ein Vip Gesicht bekommt Wie ihr Vip Sachen an NIPs schicken könnt.

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