How to glitch rares on msp with cheat engine!!

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non vip:
Hair bun: 11786
Faux wear: 18629
Double the fun: 19164
Pearly bun: 19237
Best of basics: 18599
Striped Candy: 9413
Relaxed n sweet: 6059
Cute crop top: 10208
Party Shimmer: 5887
Party Glam: 7531
Sugar coated: 18407
Sleek Party: 11756
Sweet love (bow): 18430
Frozen cheeks: 15317
Winter cheeks: 7419
Happy new year!: 15591
Magic winter: 7402
All the new: 18639
In a hurry: 9459
Steady going: 12394
What year is it?: 18652
Wonderland girl: 16386
Pink wonderland: 16433
Party Doo: 18669
Shine Like New: 18651
Diamondzzzz!!!: 18648
Glitter Girl: 18618
Best dressed: 18616
Spring Bouquet: 16305
Bunny-Fly: 16404
Cute easter rare hair: 12401

Flower Tiara: 10130
Let the Good Time Roll: 18310
Wicked Tails: 16387
Wet tressses: 8595
New years tresses: 18637
wonder fair: 6801
Messy bun: 10217
Salty Tresses: 6231
is this a dress or hair?: 9540
Center Part: 12654
Crop with sweater: 10209
shiny pants: 11776
witch hat: 9143
witch dress: 9118

If the item is:

1 color: ”summer must haves” shorts from Free Spirit Theme (19462)

2 colors: Freckles in top tab (19045)

3 colors: ”Cute treasure” from Thrift Treasures theme 19414

4 or more colors: ”woodlands girl” from woodlands theme (18732)?
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rare skin code:0xaea2a2

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Alte Sachen mit Cheat engine Cheaten / Ultras u.s.w / msp /deutsch

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Alte Sachen mit Cheat engine Cheaten / Ultras u.s.w / msp /deutsch

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MORE GLITCHES!(RARES)- MovieStarPlanet Rare Glitches! 2018

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hey ya’ll! sorry this video took a little too long for me to upload and im actually sick right now aha! hope ya’ll enjoy the video, add me on discord if you have any questions (:

Add me on US server!

main: sugawaah
bkup: anx!ous

discord: sugaist#3752

If you’re reading this you might as well give me an auto since im non vip (for now) :^)
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MovieStarPlanet Hack & Cheats|MovieStarPlanet Free Gems, Diamonds & StarCoins (Android iOS)

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MovieStarPlanet Hack & Cheats|MovieStarPlanet Free Gems, Diamonds & StarCoins (Android iOS)

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ive run out of ideas dont judge me
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